ADventure Series: Only Slightly Exaggerated (Travel Oregon)

If you’ve ever caught the infamous “travel bug,” then you know just how alluring it can be to jump on a plane and head somewhere completely new.

I also think it’s fair that this advertisement — courtesy of Travel Oregon — captures that feeling quite well.

Colorful anime-inspired design, gorgeously animated landscapes, towering environmental-themed creatures, and an overall sense of adventure run amok in this 2-minute ad, appropriately titled “Only Slightly (More) Exaggerated.”

Youtube User Godsu Godsu asks, “Can you tell us when are you gonna release Oregon Anime episode 1?”

Yeah, you can go ahead and inject that commercial straight into my veins.

It’s hard to pick a favorite part of the ad — which was created in the likeness of director and animator Hayao Miyazaki’s work — but it’s probably between the stampede of dogs and the backpackers surrounded by cloud giants. But what shouldn’t be overlooked is the music that accompanies this fantastical imagery, which is quite delightful in its own right.

Overall, the ad is excellent — a great example of creativity and effort can lead to something truly magical.

But this type of campaign doesn’t come cheap.

According to this Oregonian article, the Only Slightly Exaggerated campaign cost $5 million — although, this was just a small sliver of Travel Oregon’s annual $34 million annual budget.

The article goes on to say that, according to Travel Oregon, all that money — which is earned through a 1.8% state lodging tax — is used not just to make travelers come to Oregon in the first place, but to make sure they leave Oregon “…feeling a special connection to (the) state as well

“It’s not always about growing visitor volume, it’s about growing visitor value,” Travel Oregon CEO Todd Davidson says in the piece. “If there are things we can do that inspire destination travel we do.”

They must be doing something right. Oregon was the second-most popular state for relocation in 2018.

I have never been there, but will hopefully be planning my first visit soon.

Oregon has done a great job at marketing itself as a state for adventure and variety. It’s efforts like this that make the Pacific Northwest state such an appealing place for people seeking exploration. And if were a betting man, I’d say they were targeting millennials — who travel more than any other age demographic — with its hip, fresh direction.

Oh, and by the way, this isn’t there only commercial of this campaign…


“Holy wow. I can’t believe Oregon just dunked on the other 49 states.” – Youtube commenter, Marcivo.

I’m a content marketer that has a passion for sustainable businesses and strategies.

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About Me

I’m a content marketer that has a passion for sustainable businesses and strategies.

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