ADventure Series: Garmin Fenix 6 and the Organic Nature of Social Media Ads

Social media has the best ads.

I may be in the minority in saying this, but I like ads on my social media apps. In fact, sometimes I get more enjoyment out of an ad I see prior to a Youtube video than the actual video itself.

This is due in large part to brands becoming pretty damn good at making ads feel non-intrusive as they appear on or social media feeds.

With platforms like Instagram, brands are seamlessly integrating themselves into your feed by creating aesthetically pleasing, fun-to-look-at ads that are in-line with how their average customer’s feed might look.

For example, here are two sponsored Instagram posts courtesy of Mountain Standard and Boundary Supply:

mountain standard ad
social media ads

Within the context of my usual feed, both these ads fit pretty well, which makes for much better interaction with these brands. Instead of being annoying, they look like actual posts. They look real. They look organic.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re a fan of receiving ads that are actually relevant), the reasons these ads are so precise and relevant for each individual user is because of all the data these companies have at their disposal.

For example, I recently came into ownership of a Garmin Forerunner 425 watch, and so naturally, I’ve been seeing a lot of their ads on Youtube and other social media sites. But, as with the other ads I see every day on social platforms, I actually really enjoy them.

One of their new spots for the Garmin Fenix 6 is one I come across multiple times per day on Youtube:

‘Bout to build myself a brick wall just so I can run straight through it.

Garmin — which caters to athletes, adventurers, and weekend warriors alike — does a great job in conveying a common theme within the outdoor/adventure industry: Getting out and seizing the day — otherwise known as, “Carpe Diem”.

I know what you’re thinking though. Why is there a man walking around a mountainous landscape, seemingly by himself? Or how about that man working out in a t-shirt on a frigid beach — what’s his story?

I, unfortunately, do not have a good answer to those questions, but everyone in this commercial is a certified badass — even if Garmin does take some hyperbolic liberties in their portrayals.

However, having even the people who are simply working out and going for runs in desolate environments helps push the idea that you can trust Garmin’s products — including the Fenix 6 — in the harshest of environments.

After all, durability and reliability are both key features in the products Garmin sells (You wouldn’t want your GPS watch to stop working while you’re exploring off the beaten path — or your watch to miscalculate your mileage during a run).

garmin fenix
Beards: Great for hiding double chins and keeping your face warm as your traverse freezing environments.
garmin fenix 6 ad
Case of pneumonia heading your way, bud.

Whenever this ad comes up on Youtube, I never skip it. This is in large part to how non-disruptive this ad feels. First, there are the people within it, battling through the elements. But second, and more importantly, is the environment in which they are in. This commercial wouldn’t quite have the same feel to it if it took place at a gym or Yosemite National Park. Those places are a little more familiar than what we actually are shown.

And that’s why it works so great. Visually, it’s striking. And the way it’s shot, with close-ups and sweeping landscapes, is engaging.

garmin fenix 6
Did Roger Deakins provide the cinematography for this ad?
garmin fenix 6 ad
*David Attenborough voice* The lone skier looks on at all the gnar he is about to shred.

Marketing on social media is a must for today’s brands, with 79% of all Americans having at least one social networking profile. To do so effectively and without annoying your consumers is not easy.

But, for a masterclass in how to do it right, look no further than this Garmin ad.

I’m a content marketer that has a passion for sustainable businesses and strategies.

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About Me

I’m a content marketer that has a passion for sustainable businesses and strategies.

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