The Perfect Pair of Chinos (For Work, Travel, and Everyday Life + Myles Apparel, Western Rise, and Everlane)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on Writing Outside—and while the usual writing hiatus is supposed to bring new, inspired work—I’m going to be writing about pants.

I’ve long been on the search for the perfect pair of chinos, but have never found much luck (my hatred for shopping and trying on pants was definitely a factor in this failed quest). Recently, I finally decided I should check out some of these chino brands that I’ve constantly been seeing ads for all the time (due to researching chinos online and the power of retargeting, I received a steady flow of ads from seemingly every brand of chinos on the market today).

In particular, I was looking for travel/work/everyday chinos. Something that I could wear anywhere and everywhere. First up, a brand whose Instagram ads I very much enjoyed, Western Rise.

Western Rise AT Slim Pant

Western Rise

Western Rise has got a very nice selection of some very good shit. The aesthetics of their clothing is right up my avenue, with dark neutral colors being seen predominately.

Because of this, I was quite excited to try out their AT Slim Pant. When the pants arrived, I immediately tried them on and thought that they fit quite well. I really liked the technical feel of the pants. They didn’t look a ton like technical pants, which was good. In other words, they had a discreet look to them that made them look like a regular pair of chinos. The deep indigo color was also very clean.

Then I sat down. And they were way too tight. The waist (32) actually seemed perfect, but they were a bit too narrow for my thighs, which are probably a little bigger than these pants were designed for.

So, I’d recommend trying these out if you are skinnier legs. But if you’ve spent one too many days on the squat rack and your thighs are kinda big, then I’d look elsewhere.

I thought about sizing up and trying on a 34 waist, but I figured those would be too baggy since the 32 waist seemed fine (outside of the thighs, of course). I did learn a valuable lesson, though. Definitely order two sizes from here on out, as all these pants have variations in their sizing.

Myles Tour Pant

Myles Apparel

Next up to try was the Myles Tour Pant. Now, I saw a few different reviewers who had different opinions on these pants. One guy said that there was hardly any sheen, and another said there was too much. From the pictures on their site, I leaned more towards trusting the reviewer who said there wasn’t much sheen on them.

I ordered the Mediums (31-33), and when they arrived in the mail, I was a bit off on my prediction. They were a bit too “shiny” for my liking, especially when I went outside in them and saw them in the natural light. But, I loved the fit of the pants, and I thought they looked pretty good on me. For that reason, I debated a bit over whether or not to return them. For that price, I needed to love them and I did not, so I ended up sending them back. I feel like they’d be great pants for a backpacking trip or extended trip somewhere, but I wouldn’t love them around the office—which is what I really needed pants for.

I’d recommend ordering a pair and trying them on and seeing whether or not the sheen is too strong for your liking, as that is a subjective detail.

Everlane Performance Chino


My next brand to try was Everlane and their Performance Chino. I had been seeing the man pictured above and his sly smirk for awhile now, and it seemed like it was high-time I take him up on his offer. Plus, I had seen some glowing reviews from apparel bloggers and vloggers alike.

I ordered the navy, 32, slim (and the 33s just in case) and put them on as soon as I got em, and I’ve hardly taken them off since. Not only do they look like high-quality, regular chinos, but they also have a good amount of stretch in them. I had read in one review how Everlane pulled off the impossible—created an everyday pant with a good amount of stretch that still looks like a normal pant. They fit great and my thighs have no trouble in them. They are some of the more generous slim pants I’ve been in, which is fine because they still fit well overall. In fact, if anything, they might be a little too generous (plus I can always get them tailored if they end up every becoming too loose). I briefly contemplated trying the 31s but figured they’d probably be too snug. So, if you are thinking of ordering some to try on, I’d try your regular size and the one below it as opposed to sizing up.

I absolutely love these pants and would recommend them the most of the three. They combined the fit of Myles pants with the high-quality looks of the Western Rise pants. And they are about half the price as both of those pants, which is awesome.

It only took me a few days before ordering another pair (this time in black, which is going to be my first time with black pants that don’t dress pants in… maybe forever. Pretty excited to add those to my wardrobe).

So in review:

  • Western Rise AT Slim Pant – Can tell they are high quality. Look great, seem very durable. Be wary of them being too slim if your thighs are bigger than the average dude.
  • Myles Tour Pant – MAy have a bit too much sheen for some, but they are extremely comfy and would definitely recommend as a travel/backpacking pant. Would work as a dress pant too (which is weird to say, but that’s how versatile this pant is).
  • Everlane Performance Chino – Quite possibly the greatest pant of all time (Everlane, please sponsor me).

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I’m a content marketer that has a passion for sustainable businesses and strategies.

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