10 of the Best Outdoor and Adventure Industry Logos

When done right, a logo can be a powerful marketing tool for a brand.

The right logo will help bring awareness to your product. It should be recognizable for those who aren’t yet familiar with you, unique to your brand, as well as in-line with what you stand for.

The outdoor industry is particularly great with their logos. This makes sense, as their logos have to be applied to various jackets, hiking shoes, hats, pants, and other fashionable adventure apparel. Because these days, the products just don’t have to work — they have to look good too.

To illustrate this, here is a list of 9 of some of the best logos within this industry—starting off with Fjall Raven.

Fjall Raven

The silhouette of the arctic fox in Fjall Raven‘s logo may not be iconic yet here in the States, but in Sweden, this logo illustrates over 50 years of high-quality, durable outdoor wear (sidenote: “fjall raven” means “arctic fox” in Swedish).

Perfectly adapted to the harsh weather of the arctic, these little critters are the perfect emblem for Fjall Raven, which prides itself on their ability to create apparel that can handle a wide range of conditions. `

And if you’re wondering what “Fjall Raven” means, it’s Swedish for “Arctic Fox. It’s fair to say this outdoor apparel company is rightfully obsessed with these little guys, even going so far as to name their new environmental initiatives after them as well.

All-in-all, it’s a great logo with great meaning behind it.

Mountain Standard

One of the smaller brands on this list, Mountain Standard is a Boulder-based company that creates some awesome outdoor clothing and gear.

It’s a simple logo, but the subtle tree silhouettes “A’s” is a unique and fun detail.

What is really great about the log, however, is the way Mountain Standard utilizes it on the social media platforms.

By placing beautiful landscape images between the two orange pillars, Mountain Standard emphasis their brand as one that is for exploring. Particularly in your backyard (or #RIMBY [Right In My Backyard], which the brand created to help push the idea that you don’t need to travel far to enjoy the outdoors).

The Adventure Stache

Payson McElveen is your typical all-around badass: Professional mountain bike racer, Red Bull-sponsored, podcast host, and owner of a very, very clean stache.

His podcast, The Adventure Stache, is one of the best for those who love to consume, well, adventure content. Podcast logos can afford to be a little busier than typical logos — as they are typically only seen on smartphone screens — and McElveen takes advantage of this with his.

The best part is without a doubt the mustache, complete with great typography of the podcast’s name in blue and red.


At first glance, the skeleton of a funky-looking bird-like dinosaur might not be the best image to design your logo around, but the fossil actual looks pretty damn good on their jackets.

And the story behind the logo is actually fairly interesting. The main logo is based on the “Berlin specimen”, a fossil of the Archaeopteryx, the most complete skeleton found to date.

And anytime someone references a dinosaur, well, that’s okay by me.


Similar to Arc’teryx, Osprey — known for the backpacking packs — have a winged creature as featured on their logo as well. Though, this one is a bit more design-oriented as opposed to simply a skeleton.

The wings are the most striking area of the logo, but the head of the bird is also well-designed. The hollow, white eyes resemble that of a shark’s moments before it bites into its prey.

Okay. On second that, it’s actually kinda creepy. But still, I’m a fan of their logo.

Ospreys are also a pretty dope bird. So definitely a good choice there.

That’s a big bird.


Our fourth and final logo on this list that has an animal of sorts on it, Cotopaxi’s stern-looking llama looks like a mammal on a mission.

That mission? Sell sustainable outdoor goods and apparel while striving to help the environment. Think of them as a lesser-known Patagonia.

It’s a simple logo, but obviously, the llama takes it to a whole new level. Additionally, I love the inclusion of their creed, “Gear for Good” on the top.


Speaking of Patagonia, I’d be remiss not to include the familiar outline of Monte Fitz Roy on this list.

A stylized rendering of this mountain located between Argentina and Chile is one of the most well-known logos in the outdoor industry and the purple, orange, and blue sunset make for a calming and beautiful logo.

I like Patagonia all right, leave me alone!

ON Running

I really like ON Running’s logo both because of the design layout and the “Run on clouds,” slogan, but I really like the name of the brand — which lends itself nicely to the simple logo you see before you.

The Swiss Performance Running company markets itself as a shoe brand for those trail runners, and their logo looks very organic on their shoes. Not too flashy, but enough ‘shwaaaag’ to look damn good.

Topo Designs

I’m gonna be honest. I have no idea what Topo Designs logo is supposed to be.

I’ve narrowed it down to two options though: First, it’s a bunch of 6 leveled-drawers. Or, it’s a Shoji screen.

Whatever it is, it’s a memorable emblem that outdoor lovers can easily trace back to Topo.

And hey, isn’t that what logos are for?

I’m a content marketer that has a passion for sustainable businesses and strategies.

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About Me

I’m a content marketer that has a passion for sustainable businesses and strategies.

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